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Carry a Concealed firearm in Illinois

We make it easy and affordable to attend Conceal Carry classes right here in Peoria. Learn from our highly trained and qualified team of local firearm safety Instructors.

Please make mention in the notes section if you have any special needs that the Instructor team should be aware of. For example, if you have any type of physical limitations, you are pregnant, you are in a wheelchair, etc. We are here for you to learn, and it is our desire to make this process as comfortable as possible for you. A $50.00 deposit is required with your registration, use the link to pay your deposit.

If you are exempt from the 16 hours of required training and only need the 8 hour Illinois CCW class make sure you bring documentation of your prior training with you to class. Your Instructor will need this verification.

3 hour renewal classes also require a deposit be made. Total class fee for renewal is $100.00

Please fill out the CICC Registration Form
All feilds are required
Are you pregnant, use a walker or wheelchair, have trouble standing, etc.
Enter in Security ID: 8574793